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Hello!  My name is Sarah Malicoat and I am so excited to be Washington Elementary's school counselor!  I am ONE part of a team that works to help your child be successful socially, emotionally, and behaviorally so that they may access their education without barriers.
Here is a little information about what I do at our school:
     - Classroom Lessons:  I visit all grade levels at least once a month to teach social-emotional skills such as feelings, communication, problem-solving, diversity, respect, etc.
     - Small Group Counseling
     - Individual Counseling
     - Consultation with Staff/Parents:  I am available to meet/talk with teachers and parents to help support the students, provide resources, and education about issues affecting children.
I love the work that I do and I am passionate about helping our students become respectful and responsible citizens!  Please feel free to contact me : malicos1@swcsd2.org or 307-872-2022