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Greetings from the Washington Elementary Library, where every student every day is valued, is treated with respect, participates, tries their best, reads, thinks, writes, learns, and that way, is able to improve their reading, writing and thinking skills, and meet goals.
  • This is my fourth year as Washington's literacy librarian, and my eighteenth year teaching kindergarten through sixth grade. I lived in Green River during my adolescence as my family followed my chemical engineer father all over the West, and it is a great pleasure to live here again. What an oasis of peace and sanity we have in our community. I also love the opportunities for outdoor adventures we have here. We are so blessed. My husband and I have three awesome sons (all currently in college), and we all are big readers. Reading rocks our world. It entertains us, it heals us, it teaches us, and it connects us. When we read, we can do anything. Reading truly is a super-power.
  • It is a great honor and dream-come-true to be the literacy librarian here, and to be able to work with our wonderful students every day.  I am always looking for ways to improve our library services and motivate our students to read. I welcome feedback, help, suggestions, and always want to know how I can better serve your child. Families of our students are also welcome to come in the library, read or check out books, ask for or give reading recommendations.   The volunteers at our library help make it great, and I would love your help.  Our students benefit from having adults read with them, help them with writing and projects, shelve, label, and repair books, decorate and run book fairs,
  • Follow this link to search for books and materials available at our library.
  • Follow this link for reading games, e-books, videos about books, etc.