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Welcome to 3rd grade!  We have an amazing team and we are excited to start the year!  Please check the website regularly for news, updates, and information.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
In our classroom we practice being "Bucket Fillers"...
We all carry an invisible bucket that contains our feelings!  When our   bucket is full, we feel great.  When our bucket is empty, we feel   sad.  A bucket filler is someone who says or does nice things for other   people.  By doing this, they are filling other people's buckets and   filling  their own bucket at the same time.
Our class is going to practice positive behavior and role modeling by filling others' buckets with kind words and actions, helping one another, and showing unity as a third grade class.  We are going to be exploring new ways of filling buckets, and making sure that we make every effort to fill our classmates' buckets every day!

Recent Posts

Library Cards

Students will come home with an application for a library card.  It is important for our upcoming research project that every student has their own card.  Please fill out the application and return it to school by Friday.  We have a field trip to the library planned for Thursday, January 28th to check out reference materials of our very own!

Our third graders did a Christmas craft with our buddies in Mrs. Georgis' kindergarteners this morning for Reader Leaders!


It is getting colder every day, and our third graders MUST wear coats.  I will not allow kids to go outside for any recess without a coat.  If your children, or a child you know, is in need of a coat, please let me know; we have a wonderful local organization that will provide coats!
Stay warm :)

Third graders enjoyed the snow on Wednesday! They worked together with Kindergarten at recess to build a few snowmen!
 We are working on parts of speech in 3rd grade reading.  Our Angry Birds project includes: Angry Verbs, Wooden Nouns, Adjectives Rock, and Preposition Pigs!
A great big "Thank You" goes out to the Rotary Club from all of the 3rd graders.  They visited today and gave a dictionary to every student in 3rd grade!