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Don't forget to check out all the links I've listed on the right. There are 6 different sections to choose from. I've included fun links for games and information in Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Spelling/Grammar and Writing !


 Welcome to Mrs. Bowers’ Second Grade


I am so happy to have your child in my class!!   This is going to be an absolutely fantastic year!  Working with kids and making learning fun is always rewarding to me.  I have high expectations with a caring heart. I want kids to stretch their minds, question their assumptions and share their ideas freely.  It is my hope that your child will love the learning they will do in second grade!!!


This year students will have a lunch recess and an afternoon recess.  A time for snack will be provided in the afternoon. Students need to bring their own snack until the lunch program begins providing healthy snack. Also, please make sure that your child remembers to wear appropriate running shoes on our PE Days. Here is our schedule for this year:


8:35-8:50       Morning Routine and Attendance

8:50-9:25       Calendar

9:25-9:55        LLI/Guided Reading/Title

9:55-11:25        Literacy

11:25-12:00      Lunch

12:05-1:05       Specials

1:05-2:30        Math

2:30-2:45       Recess

2:45-3:15         Social Studies/Science

3:15-3:25         Jobs, Backpack, Read Aloud


Daily communication is an important part of the second grade routine.  This year we will be using planners to help us stay organized. Students are expected to read 20 minutes every day, including weekends and vacations.  Parents will need to write down how many minutes were read each night and initial it in the yellow boxes for parent-teacher comments inside the planner.  I will try to check these every day. Additional homework will be put in planners at the end of the day. Students will be graded on neatness, organization, and daily reading minutes using this tool, so it is important that it be consistent.  Here is a schedule of my homework expectations.


Parents:  don’t forget to write the total minutes read and your initials every night, so I know you have reviewed homework.


Math Monday

Tell me Tuesday

Word work Wednesday

Three times Thursday

Family Friday



Math minute worksheet

Read at least 20 minutes

Complete a fluency passage with comprehension questions.

Read at least 20 minutes

Word work Wednesday


Read at least 20 minutes

Read lightning words three times (timed)

Read at least 20 minutes

No homework  worksheet

Read at least 20 minutes



Planners and homework will start next week.  You’ll notice that there is a section in the planner for weekly spelling words. I’ll have students write their words on Monday.  There will be no more than ten words and we will copy them twice in our planner. During the week you’ll need to quiz your student on the words.  Friday I will dictate sentences that students will need to write correctly using some, or all, of the week’s words. We won’t have a weekly spelling test. - the dictation sentences will provide the spelling grade as well as how students correctly spell within their daily assignments.  😉


Parents are always welcome in my room. Throughout the year, please feel free to stop in for a visit, just to say hi,  or give me a call anytime you have a question or concern.

Classroom phone -  872-2023 or email - bowersj@swcsd2.org  

You can also keep up to date with our classroom activities on the Schoolways app. Just subscribe to my channel.





Julie Bowers